What To Expect

“What can I expect from a human or animal chiropractic visit?”

First time customers often ask us what they can expect from a human or animal chiropractic visit. To answer this question we’ve summarised and outlined the 6 main stages of a typical chiropractic visits below:

Initial Enquiry
After receiving an enquiry, we usually begin by asking lots of questions so we can obtain a detailed case history. This gives us an idea of how we can best help our human or animal patient. For our human patients, any information such as previous health concerns, injuries or prior diagnoses is essential to help us help you. If our patient is an animal, information from the owner such as the animal’s upbringing, previous health concerns, injuries and behaviour is most helpful. Any prior x-rays and/or previous veterinary diagnoses; or history of other therapies and treatments will also useful.
Please note that you will need a completed vet consent form; if you don’t have one yet, you can download a template form here.
We then arrange a convenient time to meet you and/or your animal. A thorough chiropractic evaluation will include an initial examination of you or the animal. The length of the appointment will vary depending on species, size and nature of the case.
Once we have the case history and have completed a thorough chiropractic examination, we then combine this information and determine what treatment you or your animal requires. We provide a bespoke plan of care that is tailored to you and/or your animals’ requirements. If other forms of treatment are warranted, these will be advised too.
Treatment style, length, and intensity will depend upon the nature of case; everyone is very individual. For animals, treatment length will depend on the case: whether for lameness; illness; injury prevention; athletic performance; or for working animals. As with both human and animals, during adjustments you/your animal should incur little or no pain; in fact most animals enjoy the attention and care. 
Chiropractic care can have an immediate improvement within the first 24 to 72 hours, however the results can depend on several variables. Factors such as: the length of time since initial injury; nature of trauma; severity of trauma; and age can all have an effect. As can the species of your animal etc. You may notice a relapse of the initial issue, even if you or your animal initially shows great improvement – this is not unusual. Normally after the first 2 or 3 adjustments, most initial relapses are resolved and you or your animal responds positively.
Follow-up treatment(s) may be required to continue the healing process. This can be discussed in our initial visit and will be advised based upon you or your animal’s response to the care received. Depending on your animal’s role, either as a family pet or working/athletic animal, we recommend chiropractic maintenance care, where it is deemed appropriate.

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We are dedicated to providing ALL humans and animals with the best care, in order to promote both their long term fitness, and performance; as well as health and well being.