Equine Chiropractic

[infobox]Equine ChiropracticEquine chiropractic care is a recognised treatment for injuries; as well as a method to maintain and improve both performance and well-being of horses. Chiropractic care can play a particularly important role in maintaining and improving performance of finely tuned competition animals who are undergoing intense training regimes. Whether it’s a Race Horse, Eventer, Show Jumper, Dressage Horse, working animal, or a family pet, they can suffer from muscle or joint discomfort as much as humans do. In addition, age related conditions can affect our pets. Where suitable, treatment and advice can be provided as a way of reducing discomfort and pain; as well as promoting the long-term comfort and performance of the animal.[sep height=”1″][/infobox]

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Signs that your horse may benefit from chiropractic care are:

  1. Obvious injury
  2. Changes in Performance
  3. Behavioural changes
  4. Postural changes
  5. Back pain
  6. Stiffness behind
  7. Resenting tacking up
  8. Issues on one reign
  9. Head carriage issues
  10. Poor upwards or downwards transitions
  11. Loss of muscle or weight
  12. Inability to work on the bit
  13. Saddle slipping to one side or uneven shoe wear
  14. Head shaking

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Equine chiropractic provides an option of care that can correct, maintain, and prevent problems in horses that can cause pain, resulting in poor performance and reduced quality of life. As part of the consultation, we review the factors that may contribute to your horses posture and performance, including:

  1. Carrying an unbalanced rider
  2. Poorly fitting tack
  3. Poor foot balance
  4. Low fitness levels
  5. Poor muscle development
  6. Lack of an effective warm-up and cool down session
  7. Conformational anomalies

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