Human Chiropractic

[infobox] Chiropractic care can have positive impacts on the health and well-being of all patients. We provide a well-experienced and combined approach to tackle each individual patient’s requirements. This includes services such as: chiropractic, sports therapy, soft tissue work, medical acupuncture and exercise rehabilitation. Whether you love your sports and have an issue or injury that needs attention, or you are someone who has a day-to-day issue that you would like advice and help with, we welcome all queries and offer a friendly service.[sep height=”1″][/infobox]

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We offer an honest approach to care and believe that the key to healing the individual is adapting and tailoring specialised treatment. We empower our patients through education and awareness so that they can help themselves.

Some benefits of chiropractic include:

  1. A better quality of life.
  2. Understanding your problems and learning to proactively manage it yourself.
  3. A faster recovery from injury.
  4. Injury prevention for both now and in the future.


If you have any of the following, you may benefit from chiropractic care:

  1. Sports injuries and prevention
  2. Back pain
  3. Neck pain
  4. Headaches and migraines
  5. Leg and arm pain
  6. Shoulder problems
  7. Hip pain
  8. Osteoarthritis
  9. General aches and pains
  10. Pain during pregnancy
  11. A need for general advice, rehabilitation, or lifestyle changes

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